Nancy Somerville


Nancy Somerville

Biographical Note

Nancy Somerville is an Edinburgh-­based Glaswegian who is widely published in anthologies and magazines. She writes mainly poetry but also short stories and has finished the first draft of a novel. She has been a member of Shore Poets since 1997 and was convenor 2010-­2014.

In 2004, with Stewart Conn, she co­edited Goldfish Suppers, an illustrated poetry anthology for families with young children. Her first poetry collection, Waiting for Zebras, was published by Red Squirrel Press (Scotland) in 2008.


Mum thought I’d love the trouser suit
she made me, but the only ones I’d seen
were on TV and at ten I didn’t want
to set a local trend; following was safer.

The pattern showed a figure­-hugging
outfit in black leather but mine was bulky,
scratchy wool, ill-­fitting around my puppy fat.
If I’d had curves, it would have hidden them.

Still, the first time I wore it a boy wolf­-whistled
and called me Cathy Gale. I kicked him.

Split Screen, edited by Andy Jackson, Red Squirrel Press, 2012

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