The Mark Ogle Memorial Award


Mark Ogle 1948–1999

Mark Ogle was one of the earliest members of Shore Poets and one of the first to read at the group’s original venue, the Shore Gallery in Leith. A poet of great depth and sensitivity, his reading so impressed the founders that they invited him to become the third Shore Poet. He brought a stability, enthusiasm and commitment that helped catalyse and perpetuate the group after the Gallery closed and new venues needed to be sought.

Always closely involved in the running of the group, Mark played a considerable part in organising the appearances of Norman MacCaig and Edwin Morgan at the 369 Gallery. Mark continued this level of involvement even once the group had been expanded, and gave many memorable readings.

A year after Mark’s death, Stewart Conn and Hugh Dailly edited his posthumous collection A Memory of Fields (Akros, 2000).

You can read more about Mark here.

The Mark Ogle Memorial Award

Mark’s untimely death left his considerable poetic talent under-realized. Mark’s family decided to commission an annual award in which a poet responds to one of Mark’s poems. The poet is selected from all poets who appeared at Shore Poets in the previous season.

2008: Aonghas Padraig Caimbeul responded to ‘English Rain’ with his poem ‘Our Rain’
2009: Elizabeth Burns responded to ‘Holy Loch’ with her poem ‘Holy Water’
2010: Frances Leviston responded to ‘Wild Geese Feeding’ with her poem ‘North Pacific’
2011: Anne Frater responded to ‘The Mountain’ with her poem ‘Mòinteach / Moor’
2012: Tom Pow responded to ‘Within a Walk of the Sea’ with his poem ‘Small Gifts’
2013: Anna Crowe responded to ‘Swifts’ with her poem ‘Swallows’
2014: Meg Bateman responded to ‘The Backward Spring’ with her poem ‘Caoineadh / Lament’
2015: Kathleen Jamie responded to ‘Clearing’ with her poem ‘The Sheiling’
2016: Vicki Feaver responded to ‘Deborah’ with her poem ‘Growing a Mother’
2017: Liz Berry responded to ‘The Mountain’ with her poem ‘Sky Birth’
2018: Miriam Gamble responded to ‘Costal Walk: Islay’ with her poem ‘Feldspar’

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