from the shore

The album includes contributions from all the poet members of Shore Poets over the years. Gael Turnbull’s contribution comes from a CD recorded by Peter McCarey in 2003. Sean Belcher and Gavin Jones recorded their contributions locally. All the rest were recorded in May and June 2011 at Mayfield Radio Unit.

Editing & compilation: Peter Cudmore

Design & website: Peter Cudmore & Hugh Dailly

Cover photograph: Antony Gormley at Leith Docks by James Christie

Track listing:

Stewart Conn: Slightly foxed
Minnow: From the Shore (A. Reeves)
Stewart Conn: Close names
Alan Gillis: Graduation Day
Martin MacIntyre: Maryhill Road June 2004
Nancy Somerville: Bucket of frogs
Morelle Smith: Canal Street café
Morelle Smith: Market street, Albania
Brian McCabe: Orraman
Angela McSeveney: Infirmary Street baths
Angela McSeveney: Concerto for the Left Hand
Angela McSeveney: Handprints
Hamish Whyte: A bird in the hand
Hamish Whyte: Dogsitting in Stockbridge
Jim Glen: Excavations
The Kitchen Stools: You asked for it (Dailly/Simpson/Traylor)
Mark Ogle: The backward spring (read by Deborah Mather)
Dougie McKenzie: Nicht thochts
Young Dawkins: Letter to my unborn child
Martin MacIntyre: Fragrant affliction
Jane McKie: Archipelago
Allan Crosbie: Potential
Jim Glen: From the classroom window
Shaun Belcher: Severed tongue
Christine De Luca: A joy ta behold
Morelle Smith: The forgotten cherub
Ken Cockburn: Keys
Gael Turnbull: For us
Diana Hendry: Why it took so long
Diana Hendry: Application
Gael Turnbull: It is not
Hamish Whyte: The great journey
Diana Hendry: Dressing mother
Andrew Philip: Coronach
Minnow: The burning of the piper’s hut, Captain Campbell (Trad.)
Paula Jennings: Argument with the future
Rosalind Brackenbury: Love lines (read by Lilias Fraser)
Jim C. Wilson: Utter
Andrew Philip: The invention of zero
Jane McKie: Converts
Nancy Somerville: Blackburd 4
Gavin Jones: Grey wagtail
Gael Turnbull: A kite
Ian McDonough: Toy farm
Ian McDonough: Rainboy
Brian Johnstone: One for the road
Nancy Somerville: Song of barbed wire
Young Dawkins: The lilac thief
Mark Ogle: English rain (read by Deborah Mather)
Allan Crosbie: The osteopath
Paula Jennings: Driving in autumn
Ken Cockburn: On the flyleaf of a Monograph by Yves Klein
Brian Johnstone: A definition of space
The Kitchen Stools: Lady’s Choice

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