Shore Poets JANUARY: The Quiet Slam! + the Fraser Sharp Trio

Sunday 29th January 2017
7pm (doors open 630pm – but we may not be able to go upstairs immediately)
Oh! Outhouse, 12a Broughton Street Lane,
Edinburgh, EH1 3LY

Admission: £5 (concessions £3)

Happy new year! Once more, it’s time for our Quiet Slam! (Or our ‘Quite Slam’ if you type too quickly and forget to proofread.)

Ten poets will entertain you, but they will also be judged and there can only be one (winner).

What’s the format?
Each of our ten poets will perform twice. We’ll have a first round, in which each poet will read for 2 minutes. After a break there’ll be a second round, and each poet will read again – this time for 2.5 minutes. This gives each poet two chances to wow our judging panel and entertain you, our audience! The three highest-scoring poets will go into a final, where they’ll read for three whole minutes. The winner of the slam will read one final poem.

We’ll also have a feature set from last year’s winner Russell Jones, our usual lovely music, and our raffle, so you’ll still get the chance to win the infamous lemon cake and support Shore Poets. (Thank you for your support.)

What’s a quiet slam?
A quiet slam is a competitive poetry event where loudness is not necessarily a virtue. (Have you been to a not-quiet slam? It is usually very loud. We don’t mind loudness, and indeed one of our judges is publicly known for being a Loud Poet, but we like to offer something different.) Participants won’t be marked down for speaking softly, reading from paper, or being nervous. We also like to encourage new slammers to take part. Finally, judges will score participants on the quality of their poem and the quality of their performance, not for the loudness of the audience response. Some poems just don’t lend themselves to whooping, you know?

What if I want to perform in the slam?
I’m afraid we are no longer accepting entries. Please keep your eyes peeled for the Open Night callout.

MUSICIANS: The Fraser Sharp Trio

The Fraser Sharp Trio play early standards to contemporary jazz. They are three students who have emerged from the increasingly successful music programme at Heriot Watt University. This will be their debut performance.

We will not have a wildcard spot this month.

We hope to see you at our Quiet Slam! Those details again:

Sunday 29th January 2017
7pm (doors open 630pm)
Oh! Outhouse, 12a Broughton Street Lane,
Edinburgh, EH1 3LY

Useful information:

1) we have a new mailing list, and if you haven’t signed up yet, here’s your chance: just click right here and fill in the few bits of information. This is likely only going to be for event notifications and things like ‘looking for slam/open night participants’.

2) we have a new-ish email address; the old one will not forward anything to the new one, so if you emailed us there and never received a reply, unfortunately that’s probably why. That new address (take out spaces on either side of the @) is: shorepoetsedinburgh @

3) Date for your diary: the next event will be Sunday 26 February 2017.

You can also join us at our Facebook group.

Readings by mainly Scottish poets on the last Sunday of every month

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2 thoughts on “Shore Poets JANUARY: The Quiet Slam! + the Fraser Sharp Trio

    1. Thanks for pointing out the bad Facebook link! I’ve updated it.

      The Quiet Slam is 29th January. The next event is 26th February.

      Hope to see you there!

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