Shore Poets UPCOMING

The webmaster is still recovering from her post-StAnza poetry hangover, sorry! Full March entry to go up within the next few days. If you’d like to mark your diaries, here are the dates for the final Shore Poets events of the season (all poets subject to change – well, poets do need to change or we stagnate – YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN – but this is what we’re pretty sure of schedule-wise):

Sunday 27 March [yes, Easter Sunday, and remember the clocks go forward!]. Main poet: Jackie Kay. New poet: Ciara MacLaverty. Shore Poets: Christine de Luca and Jane McKie.

Sunday 24 April. Our open night. Email us at publicity at to ask for a spot. Shore Poet: Claire Askew.

Sunday 29 May. Main poet tbc. Shore Poet: Ian McDonough. New poet: Michael Hough.

Sunday 26 June. Main poet: Tracey Herd. Shore Poets: Frank Glynn and Tracey S. Rosenberg. New poet: Ross Hanlon.

All events scheduled to start at 7pm at the Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh. Doors open 630pm. We’ve been packed for our first two events there, so please be sure to arrive in plenty of time if you’d like a seat!

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