Looking back, looking forward (MOMA and the Open Night)

Looking back: Sunday’s event was fantastic, and we were so thrilled that Kathleen Jamie was able to read her Mark Ogle Memorial Poem. Here she is with Deborah (who was Mark’s wife) and Jane, one of Mark’s twin sisters.


Looking forward: we’ll have information about the March event soon, but after that we have the Open Night on 26 April, which is when we open the stage to all you lot. If you’re interested in reading with us, send an email to publicity(at)shorepoets.org.uk.

General guidelines and information:

* It’s first come, first served, but we give priority to readers who’ve never read for us before (e.g. at previous open mics or the slam). Reading in the wildcard slot does not count against you.
* If you get a space, and then find you can’t attend, we would greatly appreciate if you emailed to let us know. If you end up on the waiting list, we encourage you to come along as there are usually no-shows. Generally, everyone who asks for a place and turns up gets to read.
* The reading time is a maximum of THREE MINUTES. You’re welcome to read two short poems if this suits you better. We ask that you respect your fellow poets by sticking to the time limit.
* Much as we’d love to offer free entry to everyone who reads, our shoestring finances unfortunately don’t allow this. We greatly appreciate your support of poetry, both as readers and listeners.

Again, to sign up for the Open Night, email publicity(at)shorepoets.org.uk.

Stay tuned for information about the March Shore Poets event!

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